What To Expect When Applying For Social Security

Many people choose to complete their Social Security benefits application on their own. This is a fairly straightforward step. It can be completed without the assistance of a lawyer. However, even a minor error can lead to a denial, which can significantly extend the amount of time it takes for a person to get the necessary benefits.

At the Law Offices of Stuart Barasch, we have decades of experience in these matters. We know what the Social Security Administration is looking for on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) applications. We are happy to assist from the very beginning. Though we are based in the Miami, Florida, area, we represent clients nationwide.

How We Assist With The Application Process

The Social Security Administration denies the majority of benefits applications. This can be because the application is filled out incorrectly, or it can be because the medical documentation does not clearly indicate a disability.

When our lawyers assist with the completion of Social Security applications, we take great care to make certain that nothing is missed. Our goal is to get you benefits immediately.

Honest Information About Social Security Applications

An application is a piece of paper; documentation is just documentation. The employees at the Social Security Administration have to review these applications quickly, simply because of the quantity of applications they receive. The combination of these factors means that even the most well-prepared application can result in a denial.

This is not the end of the process. In fact, we see it as the beginning. We will pursue the various stages of appeals available for denied Social Security claims.

You will only pay if we are successful in getting benefits for you. Legal fees are set by statute and must be approved by the Social Security Administration.

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