We're Experienced At Appeals Council Proceedings

At the Law Offices of Stuart Barasch, we have the strength and experience to keep fighting for you, even if you are denied Social Security benefits at the administrative law hearing.

The next level is the Appeals Council. With decades of experience on our side, our attorneys know how to handle this level of Social Security appeal. From our offices in Miami, Florida, we help people nationwide.

The Appeals Council Brief

This level of appeal is substantially different than the administrative law hearing. There is no actual hearing at this level. Everything is done on paper.

The Appeals Council brief must be carefully prepared and absolutely precise. It must present a clear and compelling argument as to why a person should receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). There is no room for error, as we know that the Appeals Council is moving through these documents at a fast pace. If they see any reason to deny benefits once again, they will. We make it clear that they should not.

Beyond The Appeals Council

The Appeals Council is not the final step. Denied Social Security claims can be further appealed at the federal district court level. These are extremely challenging appeals. However, we have a great deal of experience handling appeals at this level.

We Know This Is A Complex Process

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